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Ands I Quote,

As per Kayla, since I don't feel like writing my own description of the events:

"Here I sit in our newly purged apartment, a somewhat changed man (saying woman for whatever reason, annoys me at the moment). Experiencing today was wearying enough and between the two recountings, I don't have the energy to write it all out again.

Suffice to say, some shit went down.

The bulletin points are:

Cat was in our apartment to get the last of her stuff finally, after almost four months.
Cat wanted to know where her vacuum (an expensive Dyson she stole from Fred Meyer's) was, I let her know it was broken.
Cat called us liars and said she was going to start stealing our stuff (the PS2, the Wii).
Unable to concentrate on work knowing what she was doing, I left, and Nichole (my current supervisor) was very straightforward with me and let me know that based on my attendance tomorrow (or today, now) I am going to receive verbal counseling (essentially a write-up) for leaving, but she would have done the same thing in my place.
Stephanie picks me up, I call the non-emergency police line to request an officer because of Cat's violent history, hoping to avoid a domestic dispute.
We meet Officer Perry (an amusing coincidence) and find Cat has locked us out. I don't have a key so I run down to the office and get a copy. Upon opening the door we find the apartment empty, the place disheveled, and the PS2 gone. The Wii is slightly pulled away from the wall as if she meant to take it, but gave up after finding it difficult to extract. She has also taken a filing cabinet which contained some of our documents, which includes the first 50 pages I ever wrote for Valiant's story, which sadly, are now completely lost.
Officer Perry gives us his card, advises us to speak with Quatama's facilities mananger to get the lock changed and rent a garage out for a day so we can get her shit out and avoid any sort of legal/domestic battle. He leaves, telling us to call if there's trouble.
Stephanie and I spend a couple hours clearing out shit by ourselves. The locks are changed, Quatama graciously gives us a garage for one day, free of charge.
Cat arrives. Cat tries the lock and fails. We don't let her in.
Shit goes downhill.
Gary (her ex-fiance) calls saying he's going to get the fish tank and subjects me to a 20 minute rant about blood being thicker then water and how we're only making this difficult for no reason. I tell him that this is my decision and I will stand by it, end of story. He calls back a few more times and we argue some more.
An hour passes uneventfully aside from some humorously dramatic texts from Cat.
Gary arrives.
Gary and I get into an argument because he won't stop pushing me on the Cat issue.
I stand firm by my decision and refuse Cat entrance. I say that I have no problem with her getting her stuff, but she is not welcome in our home. There is plenty of stuff in the garage and the hallway for her to take.
Cat calls the cops.
The cops walk Cat in and tell her she has five minutes to grab what she needs, assuming I agree that it's hers.
I remain calm while Cat carries on hysterically about how unfair and childish I'm being.
The cops are swayed towards us by the end of their time there and the male of the pair wishes us good luck.
Cat carries on in the hall but doesn't do much else.
Gary finishes the fish tank and we are on mostly amicable terms again. He too sees our point of view better now.
At 7:30pm I eat for the first time that day, aside from water sipped throughout.
Later, we watch Independence Day and my day is now at an end as I prepare to go to bed for another day of work."


Jul. 9th, 2010 11:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I thought so too.

Really? I didn't know that about male/female cops. I guess it makes sense though.