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Sometimes when you look into the abyss

The abyss looks back at you.

Kyra Loyd
2015- Wow, this is so old.. I can't really bring myself to change anything and tamper with the vibrance I had in high school.


Who am I?
Who is anyone?

F.Y.I - To anyone who may be taking an occasional glance at my journal.. Most if not all of my icons were completely and totally jacked from other users. I am a bad, bad persona and can't remember any of the names of the people I have ripped off.


Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 1349169
Date Created:2003-09-25

Dahlton is an aspiring artist who loves poetry, roleplay and the darker side of things. He is housetrained, but sometimes forgets himself.
Strengths: Ability to adjust, blend in as well as stick out completely. Makes acquaintances quickly and is fairly easy to talk to. Decent at sketching and is working on honing his self-taught Photoshop skillz.
Weaknesses: Independence and coldness. Empathy. Martyristic and self abusive tendencies.
Weapons: Subconscious attacking humor, coldness, deceptive ability, biting tendencies and licking for double damage.

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Tarot Cards
Ace of Cups
Crimson life flows free from all bounds into a golden cup.
Divinatory Meanings: As in all the Aces, the potential for the essence of the suit, in this case emotion, is very high. The time is ripe for a new relationship, a new union, the coming of an important figure into your life or a renewal of love within an established relationship. There is potential for a new relationship, a marital bond, motherhood, or a new creative endeavor. The emotional tide runs high, bringing with it even the possibility of a new love or regeneration of an old one.
Faithfulness, fertility, joy, love. The commencement of creative or artistic projects. All the positive powers of the unconscious mind.
Reversed: The negative side to this card would be disruption or instability in a relationship, which may be brought upon by not appreciating and neglecting the positive relationship(s) we do have.
The card is symbolic of changes for the worst, possibly a time of barrenness, which can be either of a physical or mental nature. Failure of love, stagnation, despair and possibly loss of faith.
The Root of the Powers of Water and Blood: Numerical Value: 5
Season: Summer
Direction: West

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