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I got the note half-heartedly scrawled for Kayla. I did have some of Kc's shit. I sent him an email as well as told Rosie, but since I never heard from anyone for a while I assumed you guys were going to continue your random piss fit/scurry into hiding and threw it away. The fact that both of you have to use someone else (Steph used Kaitlin and Kc used Josh) to relay any bit of information only confirmed it.

I just have to say that I'm honestly shocked by how immature you've become, Stephanie. Maybe it was always there, but because you had a decent person in your life that you were able to be better than that. Is that why you latched on to Kc? Because that he's so childish that you can feel like a saint just by being around him? I'm not sure what's worse, that he uses you as a meal ticket/sex toy, or that you use him as a replacement for Tucker? I honestly feel sorry for you if you think that he's the best you can do. You'll never find a better friend than Kayla. There have been countless times where we argued over how much she cared for you and how much she did. You'll never know how many times I stood aside while she gave you devotion I didn't think you deserved. No matter what I said about you, she was always there to tell me that I was wrong and you were this great person. I really am disappointed that you proved me right. The moment something came along, whatever front of loyalty you had would be dropped as if it was nothing. Same thing happens with Katie, only she's a little too whipped to ever drop you completely; though it sounds like she's finally getting a life that doesn't revolve around you in Redmond. I’m glad she’s finally becoming her own person. Good for her. There are a lot of thing I'd like to say, many names I'd like to call you, but whatever respect I once had for you won't let me say it because I know you're an intelligent person, and I know you have a lot of good qualities. It's a shame you're losing them.

We've tip-toed around it a few times, but since you both decided to uproot and leave behind all semblances of friendship I don't need to bite my tongue anymore; you’re such an emotionally abusive little twat. And I don't feel at all mentally lessened by throwing insults at you, because I could never be less than you. How can you exist with who you are? We did so much to help you, and you treat us like this? Fuck, Kc, I thought you had some bit of an adult in you. We let you crash on our couch until your parents were being dicks, in which case we took you in. And how can you live with yourself with how you treat Stephanie? Within a month or two of dating, you were already content with playing video games all day while she paid your rent? Have you no self-respect? And what the fuck is up with your emo little sulking fits? Are you 5? Throwing tantrums because you think we turned off your precious TV? Every fight we had was by fault of some retarded bullshit you were offended by. I'm not saying that we didn't help perpetuate (I'm sure Steph could tell you the definition of that word) the issues, but we sure as hell didn't start them. Let me guess, you're still not working? But still using Steph to buy you games and pointless electronic devices? Is it fun to sit around while she works overtime to pay for you? At least I had the decency to wait 7 years before only one of us wasn't working. I can't decide if you're her child, or her ill trained dog. 
And Kumoricon? Seriously? You guys couldn't just behave like adults and go about your business without dodging glances and turning dramatically in hopes we wouldn't see you? If that wasn't bad enough for the two of you to do, but you got Josh and Rosie to play into your middle school games? The moment anyone saw us, suddenly they look guiltily away, eyes diverted. Josh was probably my favorite. Instead of just walking passed us as we walked by in the hallway, he turns to face the wall and pretends that there's something interesting there while scratching the back of his neck. Jesus! What have you been telling everyone? What did you think either of us were going to do? People like to say how dramatic Kayla can be, but that took the cake! Thanks for making our night, that was absolutely hilarious. Do us a favor, and next time at Akicon or whatever, just act like normal people? We're not going to talk to you or anything, I don't know why you feel the need to behave that way. 

On a side note, Kc's creeper was pretty good. The LED eyes were a nice touch. I'm surprised Steph didn’t have anything new that we saw. Well, maybe not. She probably spent all her time and effort making Kc’s costume, huh?