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So I torrented the movie, The God Who Wasn't There and even though it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, I did enjoy it and I am contemplating purchasing the full copy so that I can watch the full interviews. A recommended watch, and as the title infers, it's not exactly Fire&Brimstone-friendly.

And following a few link given at the end of the film, I stumbled upon a letter that I found highly amused:
Dear Believer.

And if you go to the main site that I found this here , you'll find some other amusing stuff.

For example, The Bible on Biblical Marriage .

In other news, as many people know, Kayla ad I are engaged and are going to be tying the knot in the February of 2010, if all goes according to plan. Maybe gay marriage will be fully legalized by then, who knows? 6 year doesn't seem so long when I think back on it, of course counting our only year of problems when we were fickle.

We've decided on the theme of Beauty and the Beast, and I've almost fully decided the Arista Ballroom will be the place. I'm torn between catering options, though... The Arista Ballroom offers food, service, free non-alcoholic drinks, linins and such, dinnerware and the likes as part of it's deal.. though we're looking at about $35-40 a plate. Whereas another catering venue called Voila Catering does not include all the extras, but it only about $16-20 per plate. I guess I should call and get a little more information on both of them, see if maybe I could find a way for them to work together.

I've basically got the bride and groom outfits planned out in my mind.. I just need to find someone better at sewing then I am to commision to make them for me. I also might be going through a local small business owner to make our cake. The design I have in mind is rough, but it will basically look like an old, open story book with the Beast's castle on top. I'm debating whether to have the castle over the whole book like this:

Or have the castle in the upper corner of one half, and a long stem rose draped across the other page with a caligraphy 'Tale as old as Time' and the movie's opening monolouge over the page.

For the dress, something to this nature:

With obvious alterations to the 'off the shoulder' thing.  As far as the groom's attire, we're looking at a orange/gold vest:

But with a white cravat instead of a tie... and a blue tailcoat like such...ish:

WIth gold buttons and trim.. and then come the pants with gold striped accent down the side and calf-high brown flat boots. Wait a moment.. what kind of shoes did Belle wear? Yellow/gold flats, right? I think so... o_O;;;

Anywho.. I have lot of ideas.. but I've come to realize that it's a little tiring to be really the only girl in the group. (Read: As Katie put it, not FEMALE, but Girl.) I don't really have anyone to discuss ideas with and it's rare to find Kayla in a mood to actually WANT to go into details or hear more then a brief idea. Not that I'm complaining.. it's usually the bride that does most of the weding anyway. It's just difficult to be the only one enthusiastic about something. Katie's the closest hing I have to someone that will talk with me about it, and she'll agree with me that we're friends, but not... good friends, if that makes sense. Oh well. I suppose I can get feed back from those few people who still read my journal, see what ideas are good and which suck.

Oh... maybe I should keep an actual.. journal thing. Like a scratchbook? Compile and whatnot.

Well, that's all for now. Whee! My first actual post of the year~ how exciting.


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Feb. 9th, 2009 12:25 am (UTC)
so am i so totally lame that i didn't notice the cut on this entry until now?
answer yes, i am totally lame.

my brother and his fiancee set up a webite to keep track of things for their wedding... along with a separate email to deal with everything wedding related. they are getting married next year too, May 2010.

weddings are so awkward for me to think about :(
i can't imagine myself ever having one. not that i dont think shawn wants to marry me... its just... well i dunno.

i cant recommend a personal florist anymore, but costco still does flowers for special occasions and would probably be worth looking into.
Feb. 20th, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
I'll look into that, thanks.

This is assuming that we actually have the ability to save money for it. We're looking at about 5k for this.. which is small. The average wedding 10-15k. SO yeah.. -___- still too much money....
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